• How many people are allowable on a houseboat?

    Transport SA – Marine group regulations, state the number of persons on board must not exceed the number of berths, the maximum possible is 12. Children under 12 months old are not included in the count. We have a range of 2 to 12 berth houseboats.

  • Will my vehicle(s) be safe and where do we leave it whilst on the houseboat?

    We have a lock up compound just across the road from the marina that has lots of undercover parking at a nominal charge.

  • Is there any water in the Murray River?

    Yes. Believe it or not this is a question we are asked because of the incorrect media reporting. The last 80 years since the locks have been in place the Murray River has a controlled flow and the “pool level” is maintained to ensure it is navigable at all times. Yes, Yes, Yes.

  • Do I need some kind of special licence to drive a houseboat, like a boat licence?

    No. As long as you are 18 or more and have a current drivers licence.

  • I feel intimidated by such a large vessel, how could I handle it?

    When you arrive, we will instruct you on the operation of your houseboat and navigation of the river. We will assist you with the familiarisation of the houseboat, current river information, and a short cruise and we will ensure you are comfortable and competent before you embark on you holiday.

  • Do we need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. A deposit is payable within 14 days to confirm your booking.

  • When is the balance of hire required?

    The balance of hire is due and payable 8 weeks from departure.

  • Can we bring on additional electrical appliances?

    Yes, but only by prior approval by us before departure. Most things are provided on the houseboats, but we understand there are special requirements, please ask! We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to any additional appliances.

  • Can I bring my children on a houseboat holiday?

    Yes. Houseboats make an excellent family holiday. They make an exciting and adventurous holiday for the kids, whilst taking the stress away from the adults. Provided the regulations are adhered to and you use common sense, your whole family can enjoy the river.

  • How much bond do I have to pay and when do I get it back?

    Bonds range between $400 – $1,000. Bonds are refunded by mail within 7 days.

  • What is provided on the houseboat?

    Almost everything is provided for your houseboat holiday. Pillows and quilts, including bed linen is provided.

    Please Note: Bring your own bath towels.

    Block and bagged ice can be supplied for Iceboxes on the decks.

  • How far can we travel on the river?

    The only limit is the time you have on board. The average speed of a houseboat is approximately 7km per hour. There are river charts on our boats to assist with the navigation. We recommend that you travel upstream as the tranquillity is uninterrupted by the river beauty.

  • Can I travel at night on the river?

    No. Houseboats cannot be driven after sunset because of Transport SA – Marine group regulations.

  • What happens if I damage the boat?

    The houseboat is insured. Providing the terms and conditions of hire are adhered to, the limit of liability is the insurance excess. Wilful or negligent damage is not covered by insurance.



  • How much fuel will I use and what will it cost?

    Fuel usage and costs differ from boat to boat depending on many variables. Check with us for approximate usage and cost.

  • What happens if I need help?

    All our houseboats are fitted with two-way radios in case you need any assistance. If you run out of supplies we provide a service for the time you are on the river and will purchase goods on your behalf and deliver them to one of the “road access” points.

  • If one of the crew has a medical condition can they come on board?

    Yes. Everyone can enjoy a houseboat holiday with us. Please inform us and we will endeavour to make the your holiday as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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